mandag 22. november 2010

Alatus - English

I am rewriting this post, as I am going to delete my old blog, and don't want this to disappear. I am also adding some off my rav notes. And I finally remembered to try and get some better pics, showing the fit and the real colour etc.

Pattern: Alatus
Started: January, 2008
Finished: May, 9, 2008
Mods: Not any that I can remember. I started the neck line two rounds late, but that was actually a mistake. My gauge was to tight, but it fits, so not a huge problem. And the cable chart is a little bit different, as the original chart was a bit difficult to read. This is the first sweater I am knitting, so it is very interesting to see if things will go well. I should probably have chosen a more "simple" pattern for less experienced knitters, but I am quite stubborn and impatient. The yarn is a dark blue thing, don't know the brand, and quite itchy. Of course I didn't even have the patience to buy more fitting yarn.

The most difficult part is the sleeves, in my opinion, as there are no descriptions on how tho knit the sleeve caps. I solved the problem by taking an old, slightly tight fitting sweater and ripping out one of the sleeves and measuring my knitting against it as I went on. And luckily enough the sleeve cap did fit with the arm hole. It is a bit lumpy, mostly because of my sewing, but it doesn't look too bad. I might stick to raglan yokes for a while, though. :p
I don't think it is perfectly super fantastic, but it isn't that bad, being the first sweater I have ever knit. The most annoying thing about it is actually my yarn choice. The colour is awesome, but it itches like hell.

© Emma

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